About us

Here is a resume of my professional experience and ability as a test bench engineer, LabVIEWTestStandLabWindows/CVI specialist.

In this way, you can also visit my Viadeo page describing my skills and containing comments of some clients or my Linked-in page.


I offer services as freelancer engineer. In this way, i am your unique interlocutor for both technical and commercial aspects. I am committed to providing you works of high quality tanks to my 24 years of experience.


My clients are all over France, Europe and whole world. My activies give me the oportunity to travel an average of 100 000 km per year. So I can say I have no geographical limits. In addition to the French, I speak English and Spanish fluently and Portuguese as well.


I am a supervision, control, test and measurement specialist. I develop several  systems:

  • visual inspection automation,
  • tests production sequencer,
  • instruments drivers,
  • automatized and semi-automatized test and measurement benches,
  • instrumentation (National Instruments, Racal, HP, Agilent, Rodhe & Schwartz…).

My strong competence in the field of test and measurement has led me to participate in various projects of:

  • aeronautics,
  • automotive,
  • armament,
  • food,
  • petrochemicals,
  • energy, electricity,
  • telecoms,
  • construction,
  • scientific research,
  • pharmacology,
  • cosmetology.


I started my professional life in 1998 when joining IS3i, a service company specialized in industrial technology (IT) within SEO Group. As a partner of National Instruments, this company was offering its service engineers to develop test benches. I had the opportunity to develop my first software dedicated to tests, measurements, acquisition and instruments control using LabVIEWTestStand and LabWindows/CVI.

In 2001, I have been promoted as a project manager. I was in charge of technical and financial proposals, follow-up and projects completion I was responsible to settle engineer teams and define material specifications to our subcontractors. During this period, our company joined Brime Technologies group within which IS3i organization was ever present.

In 2003, I took the technical direction of this former IS3i entity in Assystem France group. I had opportunity to get experience: to engineer recruitment in order to integrate my teams, to develop my ability in staff coaching and to increase my capacity in project management and broader financial trading with our customers and suppliers. Then I was charged of Zodiac Aerospace and Schlumberger accounts, responsible of engineers and technicians teams dedicated to their related technical assistance.

Throughout those experiences and always pursuing the goal to get a stronger technical skill, I decided in 2005 to wing my way and I started to offer my own expertise as a freelancer consultant.


  • Hardware:
    Measurement and test / validation solutions
  • Computing languages and software
    C, Language G, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Fortran, Java, SQL, PHP, JSP, Pascal Object
    LabVIEWTestStandLabWindows/CVI, Visual Studio, Delphi, MySQL
    Method: UML, RUP, RAD
  • Protocols:
    GPIBVXIPXI , ARINC 429, RS (232, 422), TCP/IP, CANI2CVANBluetooth, WIFI, UHF
  • Languages:
    English, Spanish, French, Portuguese

SAGEMCOM – Telecommunication

Analysis and development of the VDSL/ADSL gateway test and repair process for aftersales capacity optimization, Campinas, Sao Paolo, Brazil
The test capacity at start was 500 units/day, after optimization: 2000 units/day

  • Process, material and operators actions optimization with the local team
  • Migration of semi manual and long tests to automation and faster testers (cycle time / 2)
  • Migration from text/command lines software to graphical test sequencer software
  • Installation of 28 testers and productions station
  • Production fails analysis (report generation, data extraction / crunching)
  • Improvement of the maintenance actions and previsions
  • Dialogue with stakeholders in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


  • Tools: LabWindows/CVITestStand, Visual Basic, linux scripts
  • Hardware: DSLAM, ADSL, VDSL, HPNA, WIFI, programmable HP Ethernet switch, TCP/IP, Telnet

SCHNEIDER TOSHIBA – Electrical Industry

Schneider ToshibaCommunication card validation dedicated to implement industrial network protocols. In this case the cards are added to PLCs to control the speed of electric motors.

  • DLL development of communication protocols: Metasys, BacNet, CClink, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, Apogee
  • Test sequence developement
  • Integraton in the existing test bench


CORDON ELECTRONICS – Telecommunication

New GVT Gateway high volume production line installation and optimization in Manaus, Brazil at Jabil factory for Sagemcom

  • Test benches development and tester optimization
  • Installation of 39 test benches and productions station
  • Production fails analysis
  • Improving and optimization of the production to reach 40 000 products / month
  • Interface between suppliers (France, Brazil, USA, Israel, China, Tunisia)
  • Dialogue with stakeholders in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


  • Tools: LabWindows/CVITestStand, Visual Basic
  • Instrumentation: Litepoint IQFLEX WIFI calibration, DSLAM, ADSL, VDSL, USB instrumentation, RS, TCP/IP, telnet

AREVA – Nuclear power plant

areva np intercontroleDevelopment of a measurement software for non destructive EDDY measures detecting surface defects used inside nuclear power plant. This system is integrated in the MIS, a robot dedicated to the reactor vessels inspection.


  • Tools: LabWindows/CVI
  • Instruments : Ethernet with TCP and UDP communications, EDDY measurement device of IntelligeNT

Synopsis Corporation – Microwave systems


  • Development of software components to edit and configure mathematical models in aim of simulating environment for radar, civil and military, test and qualification.

Technical implementation:

  • Tools: DLL development with LabVIEW and integration with Visual Studio C++ and C#

ALCATEL-LUCENT – Telecommunications industry

  • alcatel-lucentStrategical evaluation and comparative technical/financial study about software development for production test bench with LabVIEWLabWindows/CVI and Visual Studio .NET C# with Measurement Studio, concluded with a conference and migration examples illustrations given to expert and technical leaders of Alcatel-Lucent.

Technical implementation:

Soleil Synchrotron – Scientic research

  • synchrotron-soleilAcquisition expertise to resolve measurement losses on the SOLEIL synchrotron of third generation. Optimization hard and soft of GPIB communication.

Technical implementation:

  • Tools: C++, Linux, Java instruments server, National Instruments drivers

MESSER – Industrial gases

  • Messer Claim CMYK miniSpecifications and development of gas production quality test bench.

Technical implementation:

  • Tools: LabVIEW
  • Harware: National Instruments Compact FieldpointDAQDIO, RS 232 implementing AK protocol, Emerson Gas analysers

SAGEM – Telecommunications industry

  • sagemAnalysis, development and training on a generic software architecture based on TestStand, used in various production plants. Edition of development rules to integrate LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI components in this TestStand architecture and specification of communications with the database.

Technical implementation:

Lafarge – Cement, concrete and aggregates

  • logo lafargeSpecifications of a sand quality control supervision system coming out of sand quarry for cement production.

Technical implementation:

Styrel Techonogies – Engineering

  • Styrel technologiesDevelopment: C++ to LabVIEW migration of an components and electronic cards aging measurement software.

Technical implementation:

  • Tools: LabVIEW
  • Hardware: Sefelec MegaOhmMeter, switch cards in compact PCI chassis  linked to the laptop by a GPIB-USB gateway.

MOJ NIKAN Co. – Automotive industry

  • Realization of 4 car radio test benches of the Peugeot 206
  • Project leader (4 developers)
  • Subcontractors choice and management
  • Import / Export (incorterm)

Implemented technique:

  • Tools: C language, TestStandLabWindows/CVI,
  • Instrumentation: PXI chassis, switches, multimeter DMM, DIO card, MXI3, GPIB, PCI cards (VAN bus and I2C bus), GPIB (audio generator AM/FM Panasonic, audio analyzer ROHDE & SCHWARZ, DC power supply)

EDF (Electricity of France) – Electric utility

  • Migration of a transportable VXI bench which measures partial discharges of power transformers, to a compact and portable PXI / compact PCI bench.
  • Drivers development.Technical implementation:
    • Tools: LabWindows/CVI
    • Instrumentation: portable PXI/Compact PCI chassis with high voltage acquisition card

PEUGEOT – Automotive industry

  • ECM validation bench developmentTechnical implementation:
    • Tools: LabVIEW 7.0
    • Instrumentation: continuous power supply GPIB, industrial PC: measurement software with instruments drivers, matrix PCI card, PCI acquisition card, PCI multimeter card, PCI signals generator card, PCI CAN bus card.

SIEMENS-VDO – Automotive insdustry

  • Migration of the car radio tuners test bench under the TestStand test sequencer
  • Instruments drivers and measurement libraries development.

Technical implementation:

  • Tools: C, TestStandLabWindows/CVI, Excel.
  • Instrumentation: GPIB, audio generator AM/FM, audio analyser, matrix, multimeter, oscilloscope, I2C bus

DGA – Military equipment

  • dgaDevelopment of a meteorology data transmission autonomous system on pocket PC communicating with a base situated at 5 km. The goal of this system is measuring the effect of the climatic effects on military tank fire.
  • 5 km transmission using WIFI or UHF. The local transmission is Bluetooth.

Technical implementation:

  • Tools: Windows móvil, LabVIEW for Pocket PC
  • Instrumentation: PCMCIA acquisition DAQ board, WIFI, UFH, Bluetooth, directional antennas.

ZODIAC AEROSPACE – Avionic industry

  • Development of a system (hardware and software) to validate an electric consumption management calculator of the A380 from Airbus.

Technical implementation:

  • Tools: C, LabWindows/CVI
  • Instrumentation: VXI chassis (switches, multimeter DMM, acquisition DAQ card, signals generator), CAN bus and SIS (I2C bus)

ZODIAC AEROSPACE – Avionic industry

Avionic calculators’ production support department (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, Embraer, Saab…)

  • Test libraries development for TestExe, a test sequencer.
  • Tools libraries development.
  • Development of a test sequencer under TestStand interfaced with a data base.
  • Development of software of test and management of production of downloadable diskettes on calculator.
  • Development of downloadable software of basic creation of data hard calculator.
  • Calculators test software maintenance.
  • Design of software architectures for the semi-automatization of test bench.

Technical implementation:

  • Tools: C , LabWindows/CVI, Visual C ++, TestStand, TestExe, Access, Excel, ODBC
  • Instrumentation: ATHENA 7000 bench  : VXI chassis (switches, multimeter DMM, acquisition DAQ, signals generator, ARINC, RS-422)

ZODIAC AEROSPACE – Avionic industry

  • Technical expertise on planes calculators error codes analysis software (Airbus and Boeing).
  • Modification of the software.
  • Technical training of an engineer for the support of the software

Technical implementation:

SCHLUMBERGER – Oil insdustry

  • Migration of a measurement system from old Windows version to up to date Windows version , up to date CVI, up to date ACCESS.
  • Project leader; management of 2 developers; planning of tasks, deliveries of prototypes at the customer site.
  • Validation with the customer.

Technical implementation:

  • Tools: C ANSI, LabWindows/CVI, Windows, Access, Visual Basic, ODBC.

SCHLUMBERGER – Oil insdustry

  • Migration of a test system of optical coder used by engines, DOS Qbasic to the TestStand sequencer with C libraries.
  • Project leader; management of 2 developers; planning of tasks.
  • Software expertise.
  • Validation with the customer.

Technical implementation:

SCHLUMBERGER – Oil insdustry

  • Calibration system development for oil well probes.
  • Persone in charge for the maintenance of the probes calibration system: problems gravity analyze, treatment, intervention at the customer.

Technical implementation:

  • Tools: C language, LabWindows/CVI, Windows, Access, Visual Basic, ODBC.
  • Instrumentation: GPIBRS-232, switches, multimeter DMM, DC power supply, temperature generator, pressure generator, barometer.

SCHLUMBERGER – Oil insdustry

  • Migration of a geophones test system, from FORTRAN to C language with LabWindows/CVI.
  • Migration of well oil probes test systems, from FORTRAN to C language with LabWindows/CVI.
  • Development of measurement software of pressure for concrete test-piece.

Technical implementation:

  • Tools: C language, LabWindows/CVI, Windows.
  • Instrumentation : GPIB, multimeter DMM, PCI switches, acquisition card with integrated frequency analyzer, DC power supply.

ROHDE & SCHWARZ – Electronic test equipment

  • Technical demonstrator for the account of R&S to carry out, for Motorola Toulouse, the demonstration of a acoustic test bench for cellular phones.

Technical implementation:

  • Instrumentation: Instrumentation: audio generator / audio analyzer UPL from Rohde y Schwarz.

ALCATEL – Telecoms

  • Measurement libraries development the test sequencer of Screenphone, a phone/internet station.

Technical implementation:

TDF – Telecoms

  • Modification and debugging of measurement software of TV transmition quality.

Technical implementation:

ONE ACCESS – Telecoms

  • Test and evaluation of the developments under Linux for migration study of Unix  development station to Linux.

Technical implementation:

  • Tools: C ANSI, Linux Redhat, Unix Solaris.