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DSC for Datalogging and Supervisory Control, is an additional module for LabVIEW offers the communication capabilities between PCs and hardware / real-time OPC. It is thus possible to design in LabVIEW (HMI / SCADA) monitoring and recording data networks PLCs software.
LabVIEW: supervisor of sand quality control
LabVIEW is used in this system to program a supervisor controlling the quality of sand in a career, before filling the trucks after the results of measurements of quality, we will inject a product to improve the characteristics of the sand to neutralize impurities (such as clay for example) and make them suitable for building. This pilot supervises three PLC (programmable logic controller), which each have a dedicated function: a sampler, a analyser and a divider. Software for the supervising of the sand quality control Programmable logic controller