Tcp state diagramHere, below, a list of test bench and measurement projects examples I have realized. In addition to the presentation of graphical user interfaces and features, hardware and software are also described.

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The role of this test bench is the analysis and quality control of gas cylinders used in metallurgical industries, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.
The control system of gas is functionally decomposed as follows:
  1. Entering management and production information of gas
  2. Measuring the gases composition,
  3. Analysis of measures and results,
  4. Archiving data to a remote database.
The bench contains the following elements:
  1. Gas delivery system,
  2. Measurement instrumentation,
  3. Acquisition and control central,
  4. Management and supervision software.
Supervision software for analyzing gas written in LabVIEW
User interface of the supervision software for the gaz analysis bench
Electronic Control Modules are subsystems consisting of CPUs and assorted signal inputs and outputs dedicated to controlling a component within the vehicle (cars, trucks...).
The aim of this system is to check that all ECM actions are correct, conforming to the specifications. It performs design validation.
It is a development bench, helping technicians and developers during design and developement phases.
Schéma du système
System Diagram

This software does the automation the characterization measurements of the skin during clinical trials of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, using more than 15 instruments usually present in this type of laboratory: corneometer, sebometer, pH-meter, thermometer, glossimeter, mexameter, colorimeter tewemeter, reviscometer, spectrocolormeter, chromameter, cutometer, torquemeter. Therefore, it makes quicker measurement through a single software tool.

Analyse des mesures d'élasticité de la peau avec le logiciel de tests cliniques pour les produits cosmétiques et pharmaceutiques

Example of a samples series of and analysis, for skin elasticity study , with the clinical testing software for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics products

LabVIEW is used in this system to program a supervisor controlling the quality of sand in a career, before filling the trucks after the results of measurements of quality, we will inject a product to improve the characteristics of the sand to neutralize impurities (such as clay for example) and make them suitable for building. This pilot supervises three PLC (programmable logic controller), which each have a dedicated function: a sampler, a analyser and a divider.
LabVIEW : Software for the supervising of the sand quality control
Software for the supervising of the sand quality control

Programmable logic controller


The purpose of this system is the collection of weather data, backup and transmission to the base located 5 km away. The system is portable and durable for outdoor use (rain, dust ...).


System Diagram


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This system allows the study of refrigeration systems and the implementation of the thermodynamic calculations applied to refrigeration. Its uniqueness is that it is fully controllable via the Internet directly from a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.

It consists of two cold rooms, each with their own evaporator but sharing the same cooling fluid R134a system (compressor, condenser ...).

The control and configuration of this system can be done in two ways:

  • a classic console coupled to a regulator
  • PLC type industrial PAC (programmable automation controller) Compact Fieldpoint

The Compact Fieldpoint adds the possibility of remote control via the Internet, viewing the evolution curves of temperature, air and refrigerant fluid, pressure and power at various points. This allows calculating the required cooling system features such as enthalpy, entropy, Mollier diagram and performance coefficients.

Système frigorifique à deux niveaux de température
Refrigeration system with control panel and circuit fluid



The fuses and relays box test bench has two functions in trucks assembly factory:

  1. it displays to the operator the optional fuses and relays to be manually inserted according to the serial number of the truck
  2. it inspects the box by vision checking all standard and optional fuses and relays are in place

 Fuse box inspection test bench

 Fuse box visual inspection test bench



Calibration system for oil well sensors. This system measures the pressure and the temperature behavior of the sensors along one week to one month. All measurements are safeguarded in a data base to be analyzed and to create reports/ratios.

Oil well sensor for pressure measurement
Oil sensor example

Calibration bench for drill stem and oil sensors with Labwindows / CVI Measurement software screenshot


The aim of this test bench is to validate electronic measurements and audio signals. The system must be enough flexible to permit the test of several models of car radio.

Banc de test d'autoradio

Radio car validation bench


What is LabVIEW?

LabVIEW LabVIEW is a development environment specialized in industrial and scientific applications. Its uniqueness is that it relies on the G language, created by National Instruments, which is fully graphical. It can create complex software, while facilitating the programming and thus reduce development time. Through its library of functions for data acquisition, instrumentation, analysis of mathematical measures, but also through the rapid creation of GUIs and coding simplified, the engineer has more time to focus on specific functions of the instrumentation communication and measurement analysis.

LabVIEW is particularly suitable for developing control, supervision, test and measurement systems.

What is LabWindows/CVI?

LabWindows/CVI LabWindows is a development environment in C language for the implementation of test systems, measurement and instrumentation. Thus, it is possible to enjoy both the power and precision of the C language but also libraries of functions for instrumentation and signal processing from National Instruments.

With LabWindows / CVI, you can develop:

  • software for Windows (exe) or UNIX Linux,
  • libraries (DLL, Active X,. NET),
  • instrument drivers,
  • on embedded targets,
  • on real-time target.

What is Measurement Studio

Measurement Studio pour Visual Studio C++, C# et Visual Basic These are libraries of graphical controls and functions for the rapid development of industrial or laboratory solutions containing .NET technology used directly in Visual Studio, to have power tools National Instruments software and instrumentation functions for C++ , C# or Visual Basic.

What is TestStand

TestStandTestStand is a instruction sequences engine and a development environment for creating a test sequencer evolved several common test for different products. We have a generic software that loads, as the test product, sequences specifying actions, tests and tolerances, and components (such as DLLs) for communication with the hardware.