LabVIEW: Electronic Control Module (ECM) validation system

Electronic Control Modules are subsystems consisting of CPUs and assorted signal inputs and outputs dedicated to controlling a component within the vehicle (cars, trucks…).
The aim of this system is to check that all ECM actions are correct, conforming to the specifications. It performs design validation.
It is a development bench, helping technicians and developers during design and developement phases.

System Diagram

Hardware Technology

The bench is composed of :

  • GPIB Power supplies
  • CAN bus
  • Custom power switches
  • Custom powers charges
  • Industrial PC computer containing :
    • measurement software
    • PCI matrix card
    • PCI acquisition card
    • PCI multimeter card
    • PCI CAN card
    • PCI signals generator

Software Technology

Operating software : MS Windows XP
Measurement software : NI LabVIEW, NI DAQ

How does it work ?

Using the measurement software, the operator selects stimuli to be sent to the ECM. Each ECM response is adapted by the bench, acquired by the acquisition card and computed by the measurement software. The results are displayed to the computer screen.