LabVIEW: Weather station with a Pocket PC

The purpose of this system is the collection of weather data, backup and transmission to the base located 5 km away. The system is portable and durable for outdoor use (rain, dust …).

System Diagram

Hardware Technology

The system is composed of :

  • Suitcase containing :
    • industrial Pocket PC (windows CE)
    • two RS ports
    • network port (RJ45)
    • PCMCIA acquisition card for special signals,
    • battery to extend power life
  • two wifi access points or UHF transmitters
  • two antennas
  • PC computer located in the base

Software Technology

PC operating software : MS Windows XP
Pocket PC operating software : MS Windows CE
Measurement software : NI LabVIEW Pocket PC and NI LabVIEW on the PC

How does it work ?

The operator connects the suitcase to the weather station. He opens the suitcase, switches on the Pocket PC and selects, via its touch screen, to transmit data.
The weather station sent weather data to the pocket PC, on RS port and acquisition card. The Pocket PC computes data and sends these to the base via, depending of the hardware configuration, WIFI (RJ45 connected to WIFI access point) or UHF (RS port connected to UHF transmitter).
In the base, a computer receives computes and displays data on the screen.