ZODIAC AEROSPACE – Avionic industry

Avionic calculators’ production support department (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, Embraer, Saab…)

  • Test libraries development for TestExe, a test sequencer.
  • Tools libraries development.
  • Development of a test sequencer under TestStand interfaced with a data base.
  • Development of software of test and management of production of downloadable diskettes on calculator.
  • Development of downloadable software of basic creation of data hard calculator.
  • Calculators test software maintenance.
  • Design of software architectures for the semi-automatization of test bench.

Technical implementation:

  • Tools: C , LabWindows/CVI, Visual C ++, TestStand, TestExe, Access, Excel, ODBC
  • Instrumentation: ATHENA 7000 bench  : VXI chassis (switches, multimeter DMM, acquisition DAQ, signals generator, ARINC, RS-422)