I started my professional life in 1998 when joining IS3i, a service company specialized in industrial technology (IT) within SEO Group. As a partner of National Instruments, this company was offering its service engineers to develop test benches. I had the opportunity to develop my first software dedicated to tests, measurements, acquisition and instruments control using LabVIEWTestStand and LabWindows/CVI.

In 2001, I have been promoted as a project manager. I was in charge of technical and financial proposals, follow-up and projects completion I was responsible to settle engineer teams and define material specifications to our subcontractors. During this period, our company joined Brime Technologies group within which IS3i organization was ever present.

In 2003, I took the technical direction of this former IS3i entity in Assystem France group. I had opportunity to get experience: to engineer recruitment in order to integrate my teams, to develop my ability in staff coaching and to increase my capacity in project management and broader financial trading with our customers and suppliers. Then I was charged of Zodiac Aerospace and Schlumberger accounts, responsible of engineers and technicians teams dedicated to their related technical assistance.

Throughout those experiences and always pursuing the goal to get a stronger technical skill, I decided in 2005 to wing my way and I started to offer my own expertise as a freelancer consultant.