My offer

Developement and Consulting for Supervision, Control, Test and Measurement systems LabVIEW, TestStand, LabWindows

Test and Measurement development and consulting

EngineeringI am a supervision, control, test and measurement specialist. For this reason, my work consists to conceive and develop automatic or semi-automatic systems of measurement, validation or qualification of products for industrial or scientific applications.

With my experience since 1998 in the field of test and measurement, many of my clients appreciate my analysis and advice to optimize and improve both technically and in terms of production processes and validation. Indeed, test and measurement benches are central elements that identify with precision the problems caused by a malfunction or bad process: settings of production machines, manual actions or arrangement.


I support my expertise on the use of:


I intervene in the various phases of life of the projects:

• Study/Research/Documentation

  • Feasibility study
  • Analyzes and research solution
  • Search for materials
  • Helps with the documentary drafting
  • Retro-engineering (analyzes systems without documentation)

• Software of tests (dregs to the material)

  • Development of advanced software functions
  • Analyzes, second reading of source codes
  • Debugging of software functions
  • Drivers of instruments
  • Development of simulators of instruments

• Software applicatifs (not dregs directly with the material)

  • Complete development of software
  • Analyzes, second reading of source codes
  • Debugging
  • Course of specifications of tests

Project examples

I invite you to read articles detailing projects examples I have done, take a look to my experiences.


To obtain the detail of the prices of my interventions and developments, please contact me by email or for telephone.