TestStand: Car radio validation

The aim of this test bench is to validate electronic measurements and audio signals. The system must be enough flexible to permit the test of several models of car radio.

Radio car validation bench

Hardware Technology

The bench is composed of:

  • an industrial PC with:
    • a test sequencer, its measurement libraries and instruments drivers
    • VAN bus PCI card
    • a bar code reader .
  • a conversion RS-232 / I2C module
  • an audio AM/FM generator GPIB
  • an audio analyser GPIB
  • PXI chassis containing:
    • MXI3 card
    • DIO card
    • two switches matix cards
    • a multimeter card
    • GPIB card

Software Technology

Operating software : MS Windows XP
Measurement software : NI LabWindows/CVI
Test Sequencer : NI TestStand
Reports : MS Excel

How does it work ?

The operator connects the car radio to the interface which is connected to the test bench. He identifies the unit to be tested with the car radio bar code. The sequence test the sound quality, the consomation, the EEPROM software and the radio reception. At the end of the tests, a Excel formated report is generated.

The modular material and software architecture allows the component generisation and thus a change robustness gain.