This blog is dedicated to expertise and systems development of system of Supervision, Control, Test and Measurement and especially on LabVIEWTestStand and LabWindows/CVI.

  • In 2022, we developed and manufactured innovative testing and measurement solutions to meet the needs of our clients across various industrial sectors. Additionally, we strengthened our partnerships with local stakeholders and expanded our operations and collaborations in five key countries: Mexico, Brazil, Tunisia, China, the United States, and France. Here is a list of the projects: DOCSIS 3.1 residential gateway, WiFi6, and production startup support.List of tests:OTP on memory,DOCSIS upstream and downstream test,WiFi 802.11ax calibration for 2.4GHz and 5GHz testing for tx, rx, rssi, beamforming,USB, FXS VoIP, Ethernet 1Gbps and 2.5Gbps,WiFi antenna testing using NFT,LED color and intensityWPS, reset buttons mechanical testing,functional DOCSIS testing […]
  •  Activities in 2021 between Mexico, Brazil, Tunisia, China and France:Set-top box testers with connected speaker under Linux and the virtual assistant Alexa:manufacture of test interfaces for acoustic, audio, video, WiFi, Bluetooth validationinstallation on production lineproduction launch follow-upGPON fiber optic modem testers: design / manufacture of test interfaces and development of test software (based on National Instruments TestStand) to test:GPON optical fiber: functional test with OLTPhone, USB, EthernetNFT (Near Field Testing) for the verification of WiFi 6 antennasWiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHz (Throughput) and WiFi 6 speed testLed color test and automated button testDownload of client software and customization (MAC address, SSID, password, etc.)User […]
  •  Activities in 2020 between Mexico, Brazil, United States, China and France:DOCSIS 3.1 Cable gateway Testers: design / fabrication of test interfaces and development of test software (based on National Instruments TestStand) to test:DOCSIS 3.1: verification of frequency calibration tables, tested with generator and frequency analyzer + functional test with CMTSWiFi test of EVM, MASK, PERPhone, USB, EthernetNFT (Near Field Testing) for the verification of WiFi antennas2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi Throughput testLed color test and automated buttons testDownload of client software automation and customization (MAC address, SSID, password, etc.)Support on WiFi tester in repair center for VDSL modem (based on TestStand)Support […]
  •  The 2019 activities are as follows:Verification of identification engraving on silver ingots: hardware integration and development of a verification system for identifiers engraved on 30 kg silver ingots in a foundry. This tester is based on National Instruments vision for cameras and LabVIEW communicating with PLCs.WiFi tester for DSL modem repair center: hardware integration and software development for testing modem PCBA cards under repair, with SMA cables, RF test probes, vector generator / analyzer, and TestStand.Integration of mesurement instruments for clinical skin analysis for cosmetology based on LabVIEW.Electronic card tester for coffee machine: development of the test sequencer and instruments drivers […]
  • During 2018 we developed solutions for measurement, test and production traceability for customers from USA, France, Brasil, Spain and Mexico.List of the major activities of this year:analysis software of sulfur in silver process, it is composed of 2 parts: the recorder software communicates with an oven where a sample is inserted, the data are saved in a database, then a client software, on the network, connect to the server to extract the required to analyse. It is used to follow the quality of the production process. This solution was developed with LabVIEW for Peñoles.Gas quality tester for food and medical industry, […]
  • The year 2017 was successful in hardware and software developments, measurement and traceability audits, training in Mexico, United States, Brazil and France.Here is a list of the main activities:fuses block test bench by vision for the Freightliner trucks production (Daimler): one in Mexico and two in the United States (LabVIEW, vision).production of two new DSL home gateway models for Sagemcom and Jabil : implementation of end of line testers (EOL) with accompaniment of the production ramp up and NPI assistance in Brazil (TestStand, LabWindows/CVI).engine test and Modbus TCP : development of a software solution for controlling an engine test bench […]
  • My main activities in 2016 are:measuring instrument for quality test of the magnesium (Peñoles): hardware and software development of a measuring instrument used in the laboratory for magnesium extraction. The instrument identifies the impurity particles present in a beaker and shows the distribution of these particles by size. The accuracy is 22 microns. The software generates reports and stores measurements in a database. Technique: LabVIEW and Vision. Location: Mexico.functional testers for DSL home gateway (Sagemcom, Jabil): technical support on the end of line testers (EOL). Technique: TestStand and LabWindows/CVI. Location: Brazil.measuring software for clinical study of the skin: it is […]
  • During this 2015 my main activities were:WiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHz tester for DSL home gateway in repair center: hardware and software development of a WiFi calibration and validation station (based Broadcom chipset) for repair center. Technique: TestStand, LitePoint. Location: United Statessoftware rework station for DSL home gateway in repair center: hardware and software development of a solution to do reworks on the flash memory thus avoiding replacement. Technique: TestStand, CLI, JTAG. Location: United Statestest benches for DOCSIS home gateway: development of EOL testers (EOL) for the production of DOCSIS modems and support production ramp up. Technique: TestStand, LabWindows/CVI, LitePoint. Location: […]
  • The year 2014 was marked by professionally the following activities:IVI drivers for measuring instruments for the oil industry: IVI drivers development using LabWindows/CVI and TestStand. Location: Francesoftware for cosmetics selection: capturing various skin measures this software indicates which cosmetic to use and in what dosage. Technique: LabVIEW. Location: Francemeasurement software and clinical study of the skin: since 2010 we add tools and features. This year it is the turn of the communications performance, instruments optimization and improvement of the measurement areas editor. Technique: LabVIEW. Location: Francefuse blocks inspection for truck: improving vision fuse blocks test benches for the production of […]
  • During the year 2013 the missions of measuring and testing took me in France, Mexico, Brazil, Tunisia, Canada and the United States. They allowed me to increase my experience in the integration of test benches in the mass production lines and test systems technical audit. And it's always a pleasure to meet various stakeholders, engineers and management teams from different sectors, different countries and communicate in different languages ​​(English, French, Spanish and Portuguese). Here's the list of my activities in 2013: Testing process audit into a xDSL modem repair center, defining solutions to establish, develop the new process, the layout […]
  • For this project, my client asked me to increase the capacity of their test suites for your after-sales service: going from 500 units daily to 2500 units per day (units here are modems ADSL / VDSL telephone, HPNA, WIFI , WAN, Ethernet and USB.) Using benchmarks aftermarket in this case is to analyse and give a diagnosis to replace defective components and then verify that the repair has solved the problem. Analysis To optimize the test suites in the best way, the analysis is essential to decide what to do I found several factors that limited the ability.: too many […]
  • The projects were exciting for 2012. Anyway I did 160 000 km by plane to see my clients: going a week in a country, 3 weeks in this one, 2 weeks in this city, but in total it is 6 months of business trips to share techniques and friendships (behind the technique there is always the human). This year I enjoyed sharing my experience, working beyond my expertise to give the best to support my clients in difficulties, improving processes at the level of software and hardware and analysing the procedures to propose changes to solve the problems, speak four […]
  • To start the year 2012 nothing better than to do the recap of last year 2011 as an independent engineer: Trainer for LabVIEW, TestStand and LabWindows/CVI for various sectors of industrial, scientific and military activities. Development of a system of eddy current measurement for detecting surface defects of the materials for nuclear plant (LabWindows/CVI). Technical intervention to improve cosmetology and pharmacology clinical study system (LabVIEW) Improvement of a thermodynamic principles bench study applied to refrigeration (LabVIEW real-time and embedded WEB server) Implementation of Modbus-TCP instruments measurements on Ethernet network and radio for the analysis of energy consumption in buildings and […]
  • This time, the conference was not about control and measurement with LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI or TestStand but on particle accelerators in medicine for the treatment of cancer and especially the applications of synchrotron radiation to observe proteins and different mechanisms operating at the end of active use in future nanotechnology based drugs. Where does the idea of ​​this issue? I play accessory to give synchrotron "Soleil", south of Paris, operated by the CNRS (French National Center of Scientific Research) and the CEA (atomic energy commission) to optimize measurements in a beam line. Conference "Particle accelerator: the future medical lights" during the […]
  • It was a pleasure to give a conference about industrial and scientific systems of National Instruments during the international conferences in telematics engineering at the Polytechnic University of Durango, Mexico. During one hour I developed the theme of "LabVIEW Embedded systems for the variables monitoring": definition of what are the control, monitoring, simulation, test and measurement, a demonstration of programming with LabVIEW, a live video with my client at the Raspail Institute of Paris in France, to describe a cooling system using components from National Instruments and an embedded LabVIEW software I developed, to demonstrate the capabilities of remote control […]